Most of us don’t relish the idea of a dental visit.

However, Dr. Alper’s in-office breakthrough technology will make your dental visits easier, less stressful and much quicker.  Dr. Alper believes that just like any other disease, early diagnosis of tooth decay aids greatly in treatment prognosis and he is constantly researching the most efficient tools in dentistry and will work with only the most effective technology.

The majority of people say that their largest dental fear is the needle. That is why Dr. Alper uses The STA system. This electric novocaine dispensing device is clinically proven for improved delivery of anesthetic and higher patient comfort levels. The dosage is highly localized so that there is a minimal amount of numbing necessary to your face and lips. This way you don’t have to plan your whole day around a numb mouth.

For more pleasant crown and veneer appointments, the Lava COS machine allows for quick capture of tooth anatomy. This means no biting down into gooey impression material and speedy, simple impression taking of your full mouth.

Dr. Alper also uses a highly advanced digital radiographs system and keeps digital records. Digital radiographs are captured by a sensor, not film. The images are much sharper and smaller fillings can be discovered before they grow into larger treatments.

And most importantly, since digital radiographs require about a sixth of the radiation, patient exposure is greatly reduced.

In addition, Dr. Alper’s CariVu machine uses harmless infrared light (the same light your remote uses to control your tv) for early and accurate cavity detection.

As for the office handpieces, all of them are fiber optic. While an overhead light is an invaluable tool to for your dentist to see dental decay, Fiber Optic handpieces carry their own, additional light so that Dr. Alper has a much clearer view of any tooth that he is working on. With better visualization, Dr. Alper is able to take care of decay more quickly and more accurately remove all diseased tooth structure.

 Please don’t hesitate to ask us about the tools that we use in the office. They are there for your benefit and your comfort and we encourage you to understand them.