-Best dentist I have ever been to! Highly recommended! (Yelp review)

-The best dentist in the city. Period. (Facebook review)

-Dr. Alper is an amazing dentist. He is dedicated and caring. His honesty has helped me to have the best care and my teeth are in fantastic condition thanks to his work and his staff. I am thrilled to recommend him. You could not be in better hands. (Facebook review)

-This dentist was top notch along with all the equipment he used.
I would recommend this office to any of my friends in a heart beat… I just loved it!

-I love my dentist! Who says that? I know. I’ve never met anyone who loves their dentist, except for everyone I know who goes to Dr. Alper. I first heard about him from a co-worker, and have referred countless people to his office after trying him out. My fiance, my assistant, friends, you name it. His team is super professional and efficient. I love how the office uses the latest technology and techniques for pain-free and super quick cleanings. Amy, the receptionist, is super sweet and cool. Sarah, the hygienist, uses this awesome water-powered cleaning device to wash away all the plaque so that just a minimum of the metal tools are needed afterward for touchups. The entire team is thoughtful, extremely competent, and I feel very well taken care of.

-I have had a lifelong problem with grinding my teeth and require a mouth guard when I sleep at night. Literally I grind my teeth so hard that I crack my guards. And not just one, but like 4 of them in a row in a period of 3 years! This is unheard of and totally crazy. Dr. Alper was amazing and worked with me to try out 3 different types of guards, and I finally found the perfect one that protects my teeth, is durable enough so that I don’t crack it, yet is malleable enough so that the sound of my grinding doesn’t keep my fiancé up at night. Really the best dentist I’ve ever had. If you want top of the line “best practice” dentistry, this is the place to go.

Also, for those contemporary art lovers out there, Dr. Alper’s office is full of amazing art. Definitely play with the giant rubber band in the waiting room. Much more fun than your typical dentist’s office. (Yelp review)

-Visited Dr Alper’s office as he was recommended by a friend and I was really impressed!
As soon as I walked in I got a really good impression, starting with the modern atmosphere and decor of the place to the friendliness of everyone in the office.

Let me start by saying that I am normally uncomfortable about going to the dentist and it had been years since I had been, but Dr Alper was really nice, gentle and extremely knowledgeable. I really liked that he took his time explaining everything in detail, with the help of technologically advanced tools such as high definition videos and photos displayed on a monitor for me to follow along. The follow up treatments were great and painless and Dr Alper managed to get rid of my fear of dentists all together!

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